Orlando, Florida-based Allen Energy represents EnerSys®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries, chargers and accessories for applications including motive power, reserve power, aerospace and defence.

Todd Allen, president of Allen Energy, explains that his company initially started selling ground support equipment batteries to American Airlines (AA) when the carrier first launched an electric GSE programme.

Subsequently, it made sense to branch out into other products for green GSE, Allen observes, and it now not only markets EnerSys GSE battery offerings in North America but also works with numerous GSE suppliers to integrate the EnerSys batteries and chargers in their equipment. In fact, since its formation in 1993, Allen Energy has worked to support equipment for all of the major and regional airlines in the US.

Allen Energy was showcasing three EnerSys products on its stand at the International Airport Ground Support Equipment (IAGSE) show, the first being the NexSys® Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) battery system. The NexSys battery offers exceptional performance but is virtually maintenance-free, not needing to be watered, Allen informs.

It offers fast charge rates, maintains a very high voltage under load, tolerates hot and cold temperatures, and has high resistance to shock and vibration, he says. It is lightweight and features its own integrated battery management system. It also never spills dangerous acid – as can be a problem with some batteries.

It was actually manufactured with military grade plate design – not surprising, given that EnerSys TPPL batteries have been sold heavily into the US military, equipping the nation’s battle tanks, fighter jets and even nuclear submarines.

Approximately 500 NexSys batteries have been sold into the GSE market over the past four years alone, he notes. Southwest Airlines has converted a large portion of its fleet to NexSys batteries, as well as have other major carriers.

Express® Extreme Outdoor Charger

The second product that Allen Energy was promoting at the IAGSE event was the EnerSys Express® Extreme outdoor charger. This fast charger operates at high performance in all temperatures and conditions.

Other chargers might be equally fast, but they generally require battery modules that have to be programmed and can be a source of failure. Express Extreme chargers require no additional battery monitoring device as they auto sense battery voltage and capacity. They can handle opportunity as well as fast charging, and feature dual ports and dual displays.

They can also support different battery chemistries.

This outdoor model is a development of the standard Extreme Express charger, which enables rapid, intelligent technology. And the Express Extreme outdoor charger is offered at a very competitive price, Allen declares.

Lithium Option
Alongside the NexSys TPPL battery system, Allen Energy is also promoting the new EnerSys NexSys iON lithium battery, which will be released by EnerSys in the coming months. Built as the latest offering in the EnerSys lithium-ion portfolio, NexSys iON uses nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) chemistry. It’s the only GSE lithium-ion battery built to ISO 26262 standard, the highest safety rating available.

The NexSys iON battery has 100% charge rates and has two to three times the life of equivalent lead acid batteries, it is claimed. It is both UL and CE compliant.

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