NexSys Pure TPPL Battery

Next Generation TPPL

All the benefits of Thin Plate Pure Lead with improved chemistry for better cyclability and extended life. Includes a battery management system.

Colibri Lithium Battery

Powerful, Robust, Reliable

The Colibri Power Traction 2.0 utilizes NMC lithium chemistry to offer long life and reliability. It has been proven in extreme GSE conditions in North America, Middle-East, Asia, and Europe. Introduced to the GSE market seven years ago, it has recorded more than 10,000 operating hours in the harshest environments. 

NexSys Battery

Maintenance Free

The EnerSys NexSys battery uses Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to offer exceptional performance with zero maintenance. The benefits of the Nexsys battery include no watering, fast charge rates, cold temperature performance, excellent cycle life, shock and vibration resistance, light weight, and high energy density.

Deserthog Battery

Low Maintenance

The EnerSys Deserthog battery reduces maintenance cost by extending watering invervals up to a few months. It has been proven in all GSE applications, on both conventional and fast charge systems.

Superhog Battery

High Capacity

The EnerSys Superhog Battery provides the highest power density of any lead-acid battery. Built for the most demanding applications. Lasting hours longer than a conventional battery.

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